$1 Million for permanent supportive housing in Utah

For Immediate Release


The Governor’s Budget passed through the legislature, making The Pioneer Park Coalition successful in securing $1 million to reshape the face of homelessness in the State of Utah. Governor Herbert’s budget now allocates $1 million through the Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund (OWHLF) to permanent supportive housing (PSH) efforts throughout the State of Utah.

As part of a plan to fundraise more than $8 million, this appropriation will help bring stability to hundreds of people’s lives by providing meaningful housing, thereby decreasing the numbers of persons on our streets. Since homelessness is an issue affecting our entire state, the OWHLF is the appropriate channel to maximize the PSH solution. Rather than relying on the local municipality who is hosting that individual to pay the bill, the state can alleviate the burden by allocating resources where they are needed most.┬áThis appropriation could serve more than 100 individuals in need throughout Utah and is one step in the process of housing.

This is not just about giving people housing; it’s about empowering the individual with responsibility. We must re-emphasize that success will not be defined solely by the number of individuals who are housed. Our success will be defined by the number of individuals who are housed that obtain identification, employment, continuing mental health treatment if necessary, and gain independency inside the community.

This effort could not happen without the many private partners, service providers, public entities and officials and residents that make up the Coalition. The Pioneer Park Coalition would like to thank Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Senator Christensen, Representative Paul Ray, Governor Gary Herbert and the community in its work towards sustainable solutions to crime and homelessness in our city. The Pioneer Park Coalition will continue to keep the community informed throughout this process.

For more information contact:

Jonathan Harman/Executive Director

Dave Kelly/Public Relations Director


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