Pioneer Park Coalition Welcomes New Board Members


Here at the Pioneer Park Coalition, we embrace change. After all, change is why Salt Lake City is the thriving community that it is today. With that in mind, we have a few announcements to make.


Pioneer Park Coalition Announces New Board Members

Introducing John Gurr


Exciting things are happening here at the Pioneer Park Coalition — exciting changes that we wanted to share with you. The Pioneer Park Coalition would like to welcome John Gurr to our board. John is an Associate Broker with Salt Lake City’s InterNet Properties. John’s long-time experience in real estate is sure to give the board knowledgeable insight regarding how we can continue to be successful. John has been a part of the area’s commercial/investment real estate industry since 1981. InterNet Properties has been heavily involved in transforming downtown Salt Lake into the vibrant place that it is today, a place where residents and visitors want to be and explore.   



Introducing Fred Ross  


In addition to John Gurr joining our group, we also have Fred Ross coming onboard as an ex officio member. Fred is the Chief of Police for the Utah Transit Authority with past experience as Deputy Chief for the Salt Lake Police Department. After being a leader on the force for 20 years, Fred retired from the department in November 2015. He has 20 years of law enforcement experience and believes in being an authority figure who is empathetic and understanding. He listens to others and has a genuine interest in seeing things from their side. We’re thrilled to have Chief Ross joining us and helping to further our mission.



A big thanks


We are sad to report that one of our founding board members, Forrest McNabb, has decided to leave the Pioneer Park Coalition. With us from the get-go, Forrest is the current President of the National Food & Beverage Group for Big-D Construction. Since Big-D has its headquarters across the street from Pioneer Park, Forrest has been fortunate witness of the neighborhood’s transformation. We’ve appreciated having him with us for the past four years. We’ll miss his smile and jokes, but we know that his future endeavors are sure to be successful. Thank you, Forrest!