PPC Urges $27 Mil for New Homeless Shelters

Salt Lake County is asking for more than $27 Million to reform homeless services. Will the needs of the Rio Grande neighborhood be met?

Over the past year, The Salt Lake County Collective Impact on Homelessness and the Mayor’s Commission on Homeless Site Evaluation have been hard at work to prepare a new way to fight the cycle of crime and homelessness in Utah.

As the catalyst behind the entirety of change of homeless services, the PPC has been, and will continue to be, a major factor in shaping what happens.

PPC Day on the Hill.png

Salt Lake County’s HOMES Initiative asks for $27 million from the state legislature to reform homeless services. This initiative will affect Salt Lake County and the entire state.

How will this affect the Rio Grande neighborhood of Salt Lake? How do we ensure the needs and safety of our neighborhood are met?

The public is invited. Please come to discuss the initiative with your legislators and public officials. Your participation at this week’s meeting is required.


Salt Lake County HOMES Initiative

We will be in contact with you throughout this week as we gather more information about the currently developing legislation of the HOMES Initiative. The HOMES Initiative is a coordinated request among stakeholders representing all interests for legislative support and funding from the State of Utah to help achieve a common goal to minimize homelessness in Utah

One time for two facilities: $20 million

Ongoing for facilities support and enhanced service operations: $4 million/yr

Ongoing for statewide housing prevention and diversion program: $3 million/yr

One time new private match: $10 million

To learn more about the HOMES Initiative, visit the Salt Lake County HOMES website.

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