A New Vision for Pioneer Park

In 2015 the Pioneer Park Coalition helped to convene a design charrette for the park that developed four design alternatives. Salt Lake City sought public input on the park the same year.

Today, we have revisited those concepts and reviewed the public input to synthesize the best ideas from 2015 into a unified vision for a functioning public space. We hope to carry this vision to Salt Lake City and create the treasure we know this park can be.

Christian Synthesized Park Design - Draft 1.PNG

Our draft proposal includes design changes and key concepts. Those additional features are:

  • Significant Programming (events like the Farmers Market)

  • Food in the Park

  • A Ranger/Ambassador Program

  • Art in the Park

  • Recognizing the Rich and Varied History of the Area

You can see examples of different concepts and design ideas we hope to integrate here. This is a draft. We are committed to hearing your voice and continuing our discussions with the City, RDA, Downtown Alliance, and a whole raft of community partners. This isn’t a done deal. There’s a lot left to do—and your feedback will make a huge difference.

Additional Documents:

Design Concepts for Proposal - Pioneer Park Coalition & Downtown Community Council (2018)

Pioneer Park Fact Sheet - Salt Lake City (2018)

Public Input and and Design Charrette for Pioneer Park - Salt Lake City (2015)