Pioneer Park Coalition Staff

Michelle Miller                  

homelessness researcher

Homelessness has always been the proverbial car crash I could never look away from, and Skid Row seemed like another world beyond my comprehension. Slowly but surely, that which was once considered a ‘big-city problem’ has found its way to our backyard. When the opportunity arose to become a part of Pioneer Park Coalition, I knew this was my chance to have a positive impact within the community. I am currently a senior at Westminster College and will be graduating in December with a degree in Public Health. When not tackling issues surrounding homelessness—I can be found hanging out in the mountains, traveling the world, or lavishing attention on my cat. 


Vikram Ravi                  

Community Organizer

Having spent two years living and working in the Rio Grande area, both the challenges and opportunities to collaborate led me to the coalition. I'm a believer in the power of the public and private sector coming together to do good. For the past three years, I've worked to bridge the digital divide for refugees, immigrants, seniors, and other vulnerable groups with the Google Community Leaders Program, International Rescue Committee, and Utah Communities Connect- a statewide digital alliance. Outside of work, I enjoy watching and playing sports, eating out, building and maintaining friendships, and volunteering.



Pioneer Park Coalition Board of Directors

Tiffanie Provost – Chair
Dave Kelly – Vice Chair
Anthony Allred
Lynn Ames
Kirk Barker
Jim Deans
Bryson Garbett
John Gurr
Scott N Howell
Greg Hughes
Brandon Kitchen
Susanne Maitzen
Søren Simonsen
Nicole Thomas