How Can You Advocate for the Park and Neighborhood?

The Pioneer Park Coalition needs the voice of every member to ensure the message to improve the park, Rio Grande neighborhood, and homeless services is being heard. It is possible to do all these things in a collaborative and evidence-based approach, as we are willing to collaborate and move away from currently divisive rhetoric. As a coalition, we need to advocate and accurately represent Pioneer Park and the Rio Grande neighborhood in traditional media and social media, from the perspective of every stakeholder including residents, businesses, community organizations, and those experiencing homeless. View our updated PPC Talking Points Document for more information and past advocacy writing from coalition members.


Letters to the editor

Write letters to the editors and editorial page commentary to the SL Trib and Deseret News to ensure our voice is heard and represented in the community.


Online comments

Counter misinformation with candid experiences, thoughtful insights, correct information and data in the comments section of Facebook posts and local news media sources.


In person

Many people outside of the Rio Grande community are not aware of the day-to- day of our neighborhood. Tell neighbors, family and friends, city council members and other government officials.